About Rout.com

Rout.comRout continually tracks the prices of millions of items at many of the best online stores. This allows our users to view price history charts to see how current prices match up to the past and determine what is really a good deal. Users can track the price on a product and receive automatic notifications (such as an email or a tweet) when a product meets or beats their desired price.

By tracking the full price history of millions of products, our algorithm can pick out the best deals. Every week we record millions of price drops, and you can take advantage of the incredible discounts we find. Since we track prices at many merchants, we also offer comparison shopping, allowing you to find the same item for less at other stores.

Users of our site can customize their experience by selecting their favorite stores and the products they like. They can review the products they like at any time, and sort them according to which items are the best deal at the moment. Users can also create lists of products, called showcases, such as wish lists or categories of products for their own use or to share with others.

Rout is a participant in affiliate programs for many merchants. As such, we may earn a commission for purchases made through links on our site.

High resolution Rout logo graphics are available here: Rout Logo - Transparent Background, Rout Logo - White Background, Rout Circle Button, and Rout Square Button.

Rout.com was formerly called Shogasm.com.